Welcome to Taylor Made Specialties (TMS)!   If you've grown tired of the "same old trophies" year after year that soon become tomorrow's "dust collectors", then we are pleased to present you with Taylor Made Specialties' 2017 Awards & Merchandise Catalog.  Our goal is to provide you with quality products and service so your awards have an attractive new look and will attract more exhibitors to your shows.  Remember, more exhibitors means more revenue for your club.

Taylor Made Specialties first emerged on the horizon in 2003 in the pigeon hobby and today we provide awards, merchandise and garments to nearly one hundred pigeon clubs around the world!  With members of the rabbit hobby now showing interest in our products, we decided to produce our first Rabbit Awards & Merchandise catalog in 2016.  In order for both hobbies to grow and remain profitable they must offer attractive showrooms, grow their memberships and strive to provide attractive merchandise that will inspire and attract new exhibitors to the showroom.

Trophies were the normal form of recognition for years, however times have changed and so have the awards.  Taylor Made Specialties has not only kept pace with technology but it has outpaced the competition.  TMS merchandise is recognized throughout the US Mainland, the Hawaiian Islands, Barbados, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the NPA-US National from 2013-2016 and The American Pigeon Museum & Library since 2014.

TMS produces awards and merchandise that attract new exhibitors as well as members from other clubs.  With our unique process we can produce awards and merchandise as never seen before in brilliant colors on garments, mugs, steins, slate tiles, ceramic tiles, wood and even aluminum and more.  Isn't it time for your club to see what Taylor Made Specialties can do for you?